History Vision Clips

This selection of video clips relating to German History Intersections was originally compiled in support of the German Studies Collaboratory. The clips speak to the themes addressed in the Intersections project: migration, “Germanness,” and knowledge and education. All of the clips come from history-vision.de, an online archive for contemporary film materials on German, European, and international history.

Automobiles and Aviation in Berlin (c. 1910)

Black Pedagogy, Imperial Germany (c. 1890-1918)

Women and Girls in Imperial Germany (c. 1900-1918)

Settlement of Volga Germans (c. 1918-1924)

Einstein Tower and Observatory (c. 1924-1929)

Newspapers in the Weimar Republic (1919-1933)

Foreign Policy in the Weimar Republic (1926-1930)

The Nazification of the Free City of Danzig (1933-1935)

Television in the Third Reich (1935-1936)

Opening of the House of German Art (July 18, 1937)

Refugees from Nazi Germany (1938-1940)

Der Augenzeuge (Eye Witness) Newsreel Coverage: The Flight and Expulsion of Germans from Eastern Europe (1945-1949)

Refugees from East Prussia (1944/45)

Flight and Expulsion of Germans from Central and Eastern Europe (1945-1950)

Postwar Press (1945-1946)

U.S. Army Bookmobile (c. 1945-1949)

Matriculation ceremony at a West German University (early 1960s)

Refugees from the GDR (pre 1961)

Youth in the GDR (1946-1990)